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About In-Visible Creative

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:

it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

/ The Little Prince /

We believe that the most valuable things in life cannot be seen with the naked eye

Love, hope, peace, integrity, trust and compassion cannot be ‘seen’ yet they bring significant substance, fulfillment and contentment. Our creatives inspire for lasting impact by bringing invisible yet authentic values to life.

We work closely with our clients to truly resonate with their target customers.

We reveal our clients’ true values through branding, storytelling, visuals, experiential designs and creatives that resonate and inspire their customers and beyond. Through creatives, we bring our client’s work to life.

Our Promise

Partnered Co-Creation
We are a partner to our clients’ short and long term growth. We collaborate closely throughout the development process. We dig deep, reveal and resonate through co-creation to ensure that our creatives stay true to our clients’ values and their work.
Create to Inspire

We believe our creatives spark originality and inspirations, and this further ignites creativity in work and people.

Lasting Impact

Our creatives are designed and developed with continuity in mind so that its impact would go far, deep and wide.

Team Profile

/Ginny Lui
Founder & Creative Director
Ginny is a specialist in visual identity branding, graphics for online and offline promotion and has experience in experiential and service design together with brand strategy consultancy service. With more than 10 years of experience, she served well-known corporates, NGOs and government clients around the world. Multinational Corporate Clients include Swire Properties, Starbucks™, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. Since founded in-visible creative in 2018, she is now striving for greatness impact and balance within business and social, as well as her personal growth and family through her talents.


Invisible values with our trusted partners:

Dream Impact

Our community partner, a diverse network for social entrepreneurs.


Our strategic partner, an all-rounded branding and marketing solutions provider with business strategies.


Our technology partner, an agency that connects aesthetics and execution with technical expertise.


Our digital marketing solutions partner, an agency with expertise in digital strategies, social media, SEM, SEO campaigns and more.

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We're based in Hong Kong, but we connect with clients and partners around the world.
Share with us the stories and ideas of your project, brand, dream or vision. We'd love to talk. 


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