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Strengthen the force of collective social impact with the power of visuals

Social. Entreprenurial. Action-driven

Dream Impact is a social, entrepreneurial and partnership-driven platform for companies and individuals to synergize and create collective impact. It provides coworking and event space for social entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.


To find a visual language for internal and external cooperation, consolidate research insights and attract new target segments, and strengthen the presence as a force of collective social impact in Hong Kong
As their business undergoes significant growth, Dream Impact is challenged to develop a common visual language for internal and external communication that is aligned with the goal of driving more collective social and business impact in Hong Kong in the coming three years. Our client-partner was also in need of a refined brand strategy and visual identity to elaborate on their vision, mission, and values.

From a co-working and event space to a force of collective social impact

During our co-creation process, we discovered and identified community building as the key direction of growth for Dream Impact. Working closely with the Dream Impact team, INVI refined their brand strategy within the stakeholders, who are from 70 to 17 years old , including the board, the operational team as well as the users through a series of in-depth interviews, workshops, insight research and meetings. 

Rebranding DI from a co-working space to a space hosting as well as assisting social entrepreneurs to grow to bring about collective social impact in Hong Kong, INVI transformed their message and visual language, hence the online and offline user experience. In addition to a redesigned logo, we developed a custom-made, flexible and friendly operational visual system that elevated their brand and better communicated their values to the market.